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Thank you for checking out my site.
I’ll start first with a quick intro on who I am and what this site is for;
First of all, my name is Arri and I’m a self taught artist!
I first started my art journey back in the end of 2018, just a few months before finishing highschool.
At the time I had always wanted to draw and be an artist but never really had the guts to put pencil to paper and make it real.
That wasn’t until boredom took hold of me and I thought that I could at least copy a simple drawing in the manga I was reading on my phone.
After a while of looking for paper and any pencil that wasn’t broken I finally sat down and started drawing. It was hard to be honest, my hand hurt after a few minutes, my lines were super thick and dark from how hard I was holding the pencil and most of all I was having fun!
It was a pivotal moment for me when I realised that maybe this whole art thing wasn’t as hard or scary as I thought it would be. and after finishing that first drawing it was kinda hard to convince myself to put down the pencil and do something else.
And truthfully that has been my way of life ever since. It’s damn hard to put that pencil down.

What and Why this website?
For the longest time I always wanted a place where I can post my thoughts and share my work without the fear of some idiotic billionaire or anon troll ruining the experience. So rather than move sites I thought it be best to carve my own little corner where I can be more comfortable.

I’ll be posting some blog posts in the blog section of this site and hopefully with time this site can grow!